Monday, August 25, 2014

Sam Noble Museum of Natural History

Last Monday, the Joneses visited the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History in Norman. Clifton visited the museum approximately ten years ago and has excitedly referred to it as a place we must visit again because of the dinosaurs. Since the first Monday of each summer month is FREE, we visited. We thought the boys would LOVE this museum because they seem to like dinosaurs.

 We were wrong. Wyatt LOVED the dinosaurs. He even managed to learn the word "bones" to refer to the skeletons of the dinosaurs. But as soon as we entered the first exhibit with dead animals, Owen lost it.

 Since I am not the biggest dinosaur fan of the family, I took Owen outside for Clifton and Wyatt to enjoy the dinosaurs in peace. Outside, in between exhibit halls, I talked to Owen. "The dinosaurs aren't REAL... well, they ARE real, don't let anyone tell you dinosaurs didn't exist, but these aren't ALIVE anymore. They won't get you! They won't start moving! We don't need to be afraid of them. They're our friends. They WON'T move!"

 As I was repeating these truths to him and cuddling with him on my lap, a man in a dinosaur costume walked out of the exhibit -- the same exhibit that I was telling Owen would NEVER, EVER produce moving dinosaurs.

 Needless to say, he lost it.

So I started to play up his daredevil side, because there's nothing more that my oldest toddler loves than the fear of a dangerous game. "OH NO, the dinosaurs are going to eat us! Don't eat me dinosaur! I don't taste good! Don't eat me! OH NO! BYE BYE DINOSAUR! HAVE A NICE DAY FOR NOT EATING ME!"

 Gradually, while playing this game, he warmed up to the dinosaurs and we had a mildly good time.

 The top floor has an exhibit on the original human occupants of Oklahoma, which I found interesting for obvious reasons. Wyatt loved to look at all of the displays of pottery, jewelry, and arrowheads, while Owen loved to run in and out of the four-pole house's entrance.

Intensely examining the canoe (or mishoon, the Algonquin word for canoe, and always the way I think of canoes)

There were these beautiful displays of native people throughout the exhibit. I dug it.

 Overall, we had a good two hour visit, but we were happy it was a FREE day and we didn't pay twenty bucks to enter. There wasn't that much for our boys to do besides look cute while we snap pictures of them with bison.

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