Monday, July 14, 2014

OKC Children's Zoo

 For Wyatt's birthday present, we acquired (through blood donations) eight tickets to the Oklahoma City Zoo. I mean, what could you possibly buy for a one-year-old boy that is only fifteen months younger than his older brother? Very little. We thought visits to the zoo might be a great idea since Wyatt had never been-- the only time the Joneses had visited the zoo had been more than a year ago, when Wyatt was still in utero.
 We were also excited about visiting the Children's Zoo, a section of the Oklahoma City Zoo devoted to activities for children. Among other exhibits, there's a goat-petting area, spider and squirrel monkeys, plenty of interactive areas for the over-imaginative, and, most importantly during the dog days of summer, a splash pad. I loved this area almost as much as the boys.

 We visited other areas of the zoo, of course, but not all of them, as we still have four more tickets left and two more trips to the zoo. Preferably when the highs AREN'T in the triple digits.

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