Monday, September 1, 2014

Seven Bizarre Happenings at the Tulsa Zoo

 Last Monday, the Joneses took a day trip to the Tulsa Zoo. Clifton was born in Tulsa and has fond memories of the city, especially the parks and zoo. Many things had changed since Clifton visited the Tulsa Zoo as a child, but Clifton and the boys had a good time seeing the animals. I hate animals but tried to be a good sport.

 There were some... bizarre aspects of the zoo, both in the zoo itself and our particular visit, that I feel the need to share. So, with that...

 Seven Bizarre Happenings at the Tulsa Zoo

1. There was a regular house cat they were trying to pass off as a zoo animal. My boys were not buying it.

2. There were an abundance of geese. Everyone was excited to see and try to pet them, but I was less than enthused. Geese are not zoo animals.

3. There were openings in the fences that were big enough for big toddlers to sneak through.

4. There were giant bedazzled penguins.

5. There were children who made horrified faces at cameras for the sake of being obnoxious.

6. There were children that decided to fall asleep mid-way through the visit, leaving their parents to tour the rest of the zoo alone.

7. There were animated dinosaurs, a glimpse of the future of all zoos, when all of Earth's animals are extinct.

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